This Is What Angel Haze’s ‘Dirty Gold’ Album Looks Like…


Angel Haze was feeling antsy so she dropped the cover art for her debut album, Dirty Gold, without her label’s permission.

“I really don’t feel like waiting anymore…here’s the Dirty Gold album artwork. #sorryguysatmylabel,” tweeted Haze.

Haze has been dropping music regularly part of her ’30 Gold’ series in recent months. She’s covered everyone from Miley Cyrus to Lana Del Ray to Jay Z. With Dirty Gold — produced by Grammy-winning producer Markus Dravs (Mumford & Sons, Coldplay) — Haze is hoping to make a presence for herself in both the rap and pop world.

“I did a Miley Cyrus cover just because I genuinely could, to display the diversity you’re going to hear on the album,” she told Billboard. “I saw a tweet the other day like, ‘I would never expect the artist who rapped ‘New York’ to sing ‘Wrecking Ball.’ So, it’s like a setup–now you expect it.”

Dirty Gold is scheduled for an early-2014 release.