Which Real Housewife Thought The ‘Underground Railroad’ Was A Train?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta gals took a Freedom Trail Tour in Savannah, Georgia. One of their stops was a church used in route of the Underground Railroad–a secret network of people that helped slaves escape slavery in the South and head up North. While the tour guide was explaining the small diamond-shaped holes in the floor were ventilation for those passing through the churches secret crawl space, Porsha decided it was perfect time to show what she knew about the undisclosed transport system.

“Well there has to be an opening for the railroad at some point because somebody’s driving the train,” the recent divorcee stated. “It’s not electric like we have now.”

Although most of her cast mates were too through with her, Pheadra Parks tried to calmly explained that “it wasn’t a real train” but a mere euphemism and Kandi Burruss also chimed to further explain that “It’s not a real train! It’s not a real railroad” to an extremely puzzled recent divorcee.

While Parks and Burruss were more patient with her ignorance, Kenya Moore told cameras, “It’s almost hurtful to me, to watch her be so dumb” and Cynthia Bailey used her confessional time to vent about the Kordell’s ex wife ”Really, like really? You actually thought there was an actual train that took them through.”

Maybe it’s a common mistake? Vixens what is your take on it?

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