Why Didn’t DONDA Design The Kardashian Family Holiday Card?

Tis always the season when you’re a Kardashian. When the world’s not keeping up with the entire family, two of the three K sisters are taking over [insert big city name here]. When the holidays come, the family shows up and shows out for their annual holiday card.

But this year, the First Family of reality TV went a little overboard with their family photo, which made its debut this past weekend during the Kardashians’ televised Christmas special on E!. Things to note in this panorama: what does this run-down Las Vegas-esque casino have anything to do with the season of giving? Are we supposed to assume that the life-size dollar sign awning symbolizes the amount of bank they’ll be spending on each other for gifts when they’re all essentially funding each other’s success by exploiting the Kardashian name to shops, Sears clothing lines, books and various television shows?

It’s also an all-female cast in the photo minus Kourtney and Scott Disick’s son Mason, but even the Lord himself is missing. Lord meaning Scott and Yeezus, of course.

Yup, no Kanye or North West. No Rob Kardashian. No Lamar Odom (we’re thinking this was intentional) and no Bruce Jenner ponytail. What gives?

The real question, though, is why didn’t Kim tap her husband’s resources and let his creative agency DONDA handle the family flick? After all, the creative genius has been soapboxing every interview in the name of design and even chatted with Ivy League kids at Harvard about it.

Yeezy knows the E! ratings-grabbers could use some simplicity (remember what Kanye did to Kim’s closet?)

The only forethought that seemingly went into the whole Hangover 3-inspired photo is the all-black-everything ensembles. We’d rather have ‘Ye’s version of the Klan Kard (below) anyday.