10 Movies That Rappers Have Ruined


Rick Ross is apparently thinking about entering the movie business. He hasn’t released any specific plans yet. But last Thursday, he tweeted a photo of himself and Steve Stoute at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, along with the caption: “@ Sundance discussing #maybachfilms 2014 film release w/ Steve Stoute.”

So it sure sounds like Rozay is thinking about a career in film. And we’re here to tell him: Please don’t! Don’t get us wrong. We’d love to see a guy like Ross expand his empire and produce quality films. But in the past, we’ve seen more than a few rappers try to get into the movie business and, well, it rarely goes as planned. In fact, most rapper-helmed movie projects—regardless of whether they feature rappers acting, directing, or paying others to do both—end up being complete disasters. Here, 10 bad movies that have been ruined by rappers. Why didn’t anyone yell “CUT!” on these?

Photo Credit: Getty Images