10 Reasons Why We Need Another Show Like ‘The Cosby Show’


The Cosby Show

Bill Cosby is set to bring back the quality of family portrayal with his new sitcom deal. The comedian will portray the patriarch of a multi generational family and will air on NBC.

While Mr. Cosby may not have all the answers, his family series defined the quality of television in the ’80s and paved the way for some of our favorite shows of the ’90s like A Different World, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Martin. Unlike those that grew up wit the Huxtables, kids these days aren’t familiar with a strong family of color portrayed in a positive light. The unity between one another has been replaced with reality TV drama and sexed up fiction. As we prepare for this long awaited return, flip the page to see the 10 reason’s a show similar to The Cosby’s is much needed right now.