The 10 Shortest ‘Retirements’ In Recent Music History


When Justin Bieber announced that he was “officially retiring” from music back on Christmas Eve, most fans didn’t take him too seriously. The majority of people out there saw his “retirement” as a publicity stunt that he pulled in order to direct some attention towards his new movie, Believe. But for a minute there, it did sound like, at the very least, Biebs would be taking a break from the music business. His manager Scooter Braun even came out and said that he’d be taking off a large portion of 2014.

Said retirement didn’t last long, though. Less than two weeks after revealing that he was finished making music, Bieber posted a photo of himself and Kid Cudi in the studio on Instagram. Toronto producer Douglas Romanow also tweeted, “Justin Bieber’s retirement rumors are greatly exaggerated > I’ve been recording him in Toronto,” on New Year’s Day. All indications are that Bieber is not hanging up the mic. Not yet anyway.

Assuming Bieber is not calling it quits, his “retirement” may have been the shortest retirement ever. But lots of other artists have pulled the same act. Here, 10 of the shortest-lived retirements we’ve witnessed.

Photo Credit: Getty Images