10 Teams That Should Take A Chance On J.R. Smith


Before you read this article, take a look up. You see that? It’s J.R. Smith’s jig with Knicks and that shit is up. Everything seemed all good last season. Smith was playing well enough to be considered a bit of an All Star snub that had to settle for Sixth Man of the Year.

The New Jersey native had it made in what was looking like his home away from home— Madison Square Garden, becoming the equivalent of John Starks for the new look Knicks. A streaky scorer, who shot his way into the heart of Knicks fans everywhere. But ever since the summer, Smith has become a more likely feature on TMZ than at the ASG.

The drug use, the club hopping, the Rihanna drama. None of that speaks championship focus. It’s easy to dismiss some of this when the team is winning and Smith has even poked fun at the notion that he lives the rock star lifestyle. This isn’t a feature to kick him while he’s down, make a big deal about him untying Shawn Marion’s shoelace or call him out on being a kid from the suburbs. From strictly a basketball point of view, maybe being too close to home is what’s making him lose focus.

If a jersey change is in order (and it certainly looks that way), here are the teams that would benefit from his services if they can make it happen.