10 Topics ‘Being Mary Jane’ Should Address


Being Mary Jane is a new show for women of color that finally debuts tonight (January 7). We’ve had enough of the reality shows and sitcoms that promote fighting, sex, and negative portrayals perceived to the younger generation of what real woman are. BMJ is creating a tidal wave to produce more shows of this caliber becoming the forefront of TV. Since the movie premiered on BET this past summer, we’ve been counting down the days that the series will begin and now that it’s finally here we have high expectations. Mary Jane’s character represents the everyday struggle women go through within themselves, their relationships, and in their careers.

She’s already touched on infidelity, teen pregnancy, loneliness, and equalization within the work place. However with 8 episodes to go this season–we’re sure it’ll be renewed for a new season–there’s a few more issues we hope this series will make a priority.

Head over to VIBE Vixen to find out what 10 topics we want to see.

Photo Credit: Trailer