10-Year Old ‘Annie’ Star To Make 1.5 Million


Quvenzhané Wallis might just be a millionaire at the tender age of 10.

The Annie star is reportedly earning a base salary of $750k with the contractual promise of an additional $750k in bonuses if the remake does well in the box office.

Outside of those two earnings, the Beast of the Southern Wild actress is making 5% off of merchandise sales, 5% from the film sales and 10% in soundtrack royalties. And in case the money doesn’t suffice, her name will be no lower than second position in title credits. That means one of her A-List co-stars, Jamie Foxx or Cameron Diaz, will be bumped to third row.

Not yet a preteen and she can already afford to put us on salary. The Will Smith-produced movie is set to come out December 19th. Vixens: are you going to support it? —Sharifa Daniels

Photo Credit: Getty Images