2014 Grammys: Highlights From The VIBE Staff Chat Room


The 2014 Grammy Awards are a wrap, Beyonce came and Macklemore conquered. And as you guys were trolling all over Twitter, the VIBE team was multi-tasking and trading barbs in a Google Hangout. Chat highlights below.

i love kendrick but i wish he coulda rocked timbs

if kendrick doesn’t take a gramophone home, there will be a riot. / RESPONSE: i will go on a kanye west grammy rant myself if he doesnt

lorde swaggin like [redacted employee name] on dusse

ahh…If yall need me i’ll be doing #BeySquats. real talk

rewinding DVR for Jay and B performance…

(On Katy Perry) idk but i just diddy bopped hard as shit when juicy came thru

(On Hunter Hayes) I feel every year there’s a new Clay Aiken x frankie muniz hybrid

haha. the grammys were like: “Robin thicke you are performing with old guys so nothing can hump you.”

i really want to take lessons on that acrobatic stuff

omg. katy perry has been nominated 11 times and still hasnt won and jsut got beat by the 16 year old. dear lord!

I need Ariana to stop dressing like a cupcake

Lorde need to take some Pharrell pills

They KNOW we need subtitles for Ozzy

taylor swift can’t be contained / RESPONSE: she’s got a black man inside her

julia roberts looks younger than lorde

what is pharrell hiding under these bullshit hats?

I love him but. stevie wonder needs to be wearing that hat…

(On Madonna) i.e.: will colonel sanders want his suit back or nah?

i really thought madonna sent that baby back to malawi years ago. didn’t his father show up at one point like “hey, my son is totes not an orphan”

sandra bullock has a black baby and you actually see them running around town together … where’s madonna been hiding this little black?

alicia keys looking brolic


Photo Credit: Getty Images