2014 Preview: All The Albums, Movies, TV Shows And Gadgets To Check For


Need a pop culture game plan for the next 365? Let this cheat sheet aid you in drafting a 2014 blueprint

Compiled by Max Weinstein, Iyana Robertson, Miles Marshall Lewis, Clover Hope, William E. Ketchum III, Adelle Platon

1. The Return of the Kings

A pair of ATL industry insiders mull over Outkast’s (semi-confirmed) hip-hop homecoming

Steven Dingle, A&R: “People didn’t mind letting Outkast speak for them. They gavethe South a voice and talked about the ‘trap’ before anyone else. I have to question if their chemistry will be up to par and whether they’ll appeal to the younger generation. But one thing that works in their favor is that nothing ever came across as forced or political.”
DJ Dirrty, Ballers Eve: “This is the greatest reunion news I’ve heard in a long time—not necessarily the Coachella performance, but the creative reuniting of Big and Dre. It’s like the return of the Jedis in real life. I’m sure the new music will sound something like the past and the future at the same damn time.”