2014 Rides: The Biggest Power Players, Clean Diesel And High-End Audio


As big-name luxury whips re-up, these perpetual favs are all ringing in the New Year with complete overhauls

The Reality | 2014 Cadillac Escalade

Here’s an unofficial stat: Truck lyrics have been down 70% in the past five years. Blame the fact that the King of SUVs—Cadillac’s Escalade—has been dragging its heels in suiting up with new swagger. While the rest of the crest’s crew has adopted a crisp, angular design language, the once-favorite daily driver of many a shot-caller has gotten grilled up in similar fashion; and that’s about it.

But sharpen your wits and rhymes for 2014, rappers—the Escalade has finally received the overhaul it’s been lacking and should make reclaiming its throne easy game. Bigger, bolder and more stylized than any time in its history, the 420hp V8 powered stands to bully anything out of your way. Embracing a similar chiseled exterior as its brethren, the Escalade’s façade is still decisively truck, without so much as a hint of that dreaded, bulbous crossover styling.

Proudly flaunting its Detroit bloodline, the emblem alone on this Cadillac’s grille might be bigger than Luda—or at least boast a taller road presence. Inside, the cabin’s “cut and sew” finishing is Purple Label to what’s historically been only a touch above TJ Maxx irregular.

Expect the 2014 model to weigh in at a similar price-point ($60-70K base territory), making it the next must have workhorse—or pizza-eating carriage—for your stable. And it still rhymes well.

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