5 PeeWee Longway Songs You Need To Hear


Gucci Mane is one hell of an A&R. After picking up (and later parting ways with) Waka Flocka, he’s gone on to cultivate a new group of hungry ass spitters that could eat every plate at the mainstream’s table right now. Young Thug is the popular one and Young Dolph is the subdued one, but the best one of the group? That’d be PeeWee Longway.

Allow us to introduce you to Longway Longway, the Lobby Runner that’s taken Kool G Rap’s syllabic style (heretical, right?), broken it down to it’s purest elements and built it back up with the strength of a thousand dragons breathing fire on every verse. PeeWee Longway is 1017’s best kept secret. These are five songs of his that you need to hear. — Max Weinstein