5 Things You Need To Know Before Tonight’s BCS Title Game


No matter how you feel about the BCS system, tonight marks the end of its’ 16 year run. No. 1 Florida State takes on No. 2 ranked Auburn in a matchup where the potential story lines are equally as exciting as the game deciding plays on the gridiron. The undefeated (13-0) Seminoles are led by firepower, star power and the type of dominating resume that’s hard to bet against.

The Tigers (12-1) have their own star player, coach and unlikely victories that make this battle-tested team hard not to root for. They too were undefeated at one point this season, and have a chance to become the second team to win a national title after starting a season unranked since 1984. The miraculous ways in which they’ve won games have believers calling them the team of destiny. But can they hold up against the Team of Dominance?

Here are the five things you need to know about tonights championship game before you tune in.