50 Cent Talks Next Album, Working With Pharrell And G-Unit Reunion


While promoting his new line of SMS Audio sports headphones at the annual tech fest CES 2014, 50 Cent also entertained the idea of linking with Pharrell.

In a previous interview with Complex, the “Happy” music head expressed wanting to get into the stu with the Queens rapper.

“I would love to make an album with 50 that felt like a film,” P said. “‘Cause he’s an actor. He’s an actor and a rapper and all these other things. I would wanna put all those talents together and try and make a cohesive body of work that was all about him. I’d just be Mario Puzo. I don’t have to be Corleone. I don’t have to be in it at all. I could just be the air in the room, which is just the storywriter or the backdrop. Cause he’s the storywriter.”

When asked if he would tap Pharrell for a project, Curtis Jackson said, replied, “I respect Pharrell as a producer and like a lot of material from different people. But I haven’t had a project come out with one producer. Get Rich or Die Tryin’ didn’t have one producer. The Massacre or none of my other material either.”

Fitty also announced his next album, titled Animal Ambition, which he described as “overall about prosperity, ambition, and has an entrepreneurial energy—it’s all from a distorted perspective.”

As for patching things up with G-Unit, he mentioned keeping little-to-no contact with Young Buck, and that he would never collaborate with Game again.

Anyone hoping for reunion with all five rappers (50 Cent, The Game, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck) can also pour a little out because 50 assured, “It’ll never be five. That’ll never happen.”