7 Awesome ‘Girls’ Quotes Every Twenty Something Can Relate To



The show every twenty something has grown to love, is back and as quotable as ever! In the first two episodes of the season 3 premiere of Girls, Dunham reunites us with leading ladies, Hannah, Shoshonna, Marnie and Jessa, who disappeared for the latter part of the second season.

We watch Hannah and Adam rekindle their relationship, shacking up in her cozy Brooklyn apartment, while continuing writing her e-book. Shoshanna is letting loose this season, balancing school and an active sex life! Our beloved Marnie is back living at home, working part time at Ray’s coffee shop post her bad breakup with longtime boyfriend, Charlie. Consistent with the past two seasons, Lena captures witty dialogue and humorous quotes that makes ‘GIRLS’ super relatable and infectious to watch.

In case you need a little Girls therapy, here are quotes from last nights episodes that will prepare you for any twenty something crisis!