7 Grab-and-Go-Breakfast Meals To Get You Out The Door In 7 Minutes



Vixens, if you’re anything like me – there is simply not enough time in the early morning to get dressed, grab breakfast and head out the door. On average, I’m so busy rushing to catch the 9am train that sacrificing morning fuel has become the norm.

But there is a cure to the hunger games,  a few quick and fulfilling meals to have you energized, booted and ready for the day; all in under 15 minutes.


Honey Yogurt Parfait Cup

With a few standby fruits and yogurt, grab a mason jar or small cup and prep an on-the-go  quick and delicious parfait. Create layers by first adding the yogurt to the bottom, stack with strawberries, crunch up some graham crackers (or cookies if you have a sweet tooth) and add another yogurt layer with pineapples, blueberries or other fruits. Not only are you indulging a healthy meal (if you neglect the cookies), but fruits and the thickness of yogurt will satisfy you until your next midday craving. Top it off with a swirl of honey.

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