7 Random Thoughts On Daft Punk’s Grammy For Album Of The Year


Universally “7” is known to be a lucky number, but it takes more than superstitions in digits to Get Lucky at the Grammys

No human will ever know what the Bots were feeling at Sunday’s Grammys 2014 when they nabbed the award for Album Of The Year – mostly because those helmets make it tough to get a read on Thomas and Guy-Manuel. Unlike VIBE’s interview with Pharrell and Daft Punk, P was the one forced to do the talking onstage this time. Back in May, we predicted RAM would easily become one of the biggest dance albums of the year. But that’s Dance Music. Is beating out Sara Bareilles’The Blessed Unrest, Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ The Heist and Taylor Swift’s Red fair music trade? While the win hasn’t provoked Macklemore/Kendrick status controversy, VIBE breaks down seven thoughts on Daft Punk’s big lucky win.

1. Middle America learned that there is music life existing outside Taylor Swift. In Daft Punk’s, case it may even come from outer space. Moby tweeted: kudos to #DaftPunk for winning awards and casually and actively confusing middle america. #robotsneverneedplasticsurgery

2. Where was Pusha T? What about Drake? How about Arcade Fire? These are just three more albums missing from this Grammy Awards’ Album Of The Year round up. We’re not insisting that any of the aforementioned LPs’ would have beat Daft Punk, but if we’re picking the best, let’s pick from the best.

3. The doors Daft Punk’s win will open for music-tech dorks will be endless. This is great news for music elevation… bring on the sound play. Make your own Radom Ass Memories.

4. This Grammy Award was not a win for an “EDM” album… so all people who think Daft Punk has anything to do with that genre, let’s squash it.

5. But The Robots were once ravers and those were the good old days. So, ravers can thank the Grammys for the extra PLUR.

6. Nile Rodgers. His massive year alone deserves a separate Grammy Award, which RAM ignited. Interesting that he didn’t speak. Why Academy? Bots? P? He’s eloquent and it would give the media something more to talk about other than all the fashion chatter about DP’s chic white spacesuits.

7. Here’s over 2,000 words outlining the genius of Daft Punk, who covered VIBE this year alongside Pharrell. They are worthy.

Photo Credit: Getty