7 Rap Reunion Tours That Need To Happen


Surprise! Outkast—yes, Outkast—is going on tour this year. We knew there was a chance of them reuniting in 2014 for one or two shows, especially since rumors about a possible reunion have been swirling around since late last year. But on Monday, Big Boi and Andre 3000 surprised everyone by announcing that they aren’t content with simply doing a show at, say, Coachella and then going back into hiding.

Instead, they’re to perform at more than 40 festivals in 2014 in celebration of the group’s 20th anniversary. We’re ecstatic because 1) It’s Outkast and we’ve been waiting for them to reunite forever-ever. 2) We hope this starts a trend. Here are 7 rap reunion tours we’d love to see.

Photo Credit: Getty Images