9 Reasons Why He’s Just Not That Into You



Imagine this: You’re stuck on the other end of the phone-line waiting for a this dude you met last night to text you. How do you know if he’s into you or not? He may be shy, he may be playing the game, or he may even be heartbroken, but whatever the reason may be just make sure you aren’t getting yourself stuck in a hopeless pool of disappointment.

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1. He hasn’t asked you on a date…

If you guys just started talking. He should be interested, meaning he should be taking initiative and putting in work. You don’t want some effortless attempt to give you attention, you want him to be genuinely feeling you. After the first or second day of talking to you a man usually knows if he’s going to pursue you or not. So if he hasn’t asked you on a date after a week, he’s just not feeling the vibe. Don’t waste your time! He’s just not that into you.