Adam Housley on Marrying Tamera Mowry: “Marrying a White Man Does Not Erase Her Color”


Tamera and Adam Housley

Even celebrities have to defend their interracial relationships sometimes.

Recently on OWN’s Where Are They Now Segment, Tamera Mowry talked about the negative commentators who’ve tried to bully her on social networks. Teary eyed the actress told the network, “I’ve been called a white man’s whore” as she explained the outlandish racial slurs thrown her way.

While we rarely hear from her husband, Adam Housley didn’t bite his tongue when given the option to comment on his reaction. “The fact that in this day and age, we get attacked for our interracial relationship is beyond said–it is pathetic.” He told TV Newser his thoughts on the situation. “Yes I am white. Yes she is half black. Marrying a white man does not erase her color and marrying a woman who is half black does not mean I am blinded. The problem isn’t pigmentation–the problem is backwards, bigoted thoughts from people who should know better.”

Without breaking any noses or dealing with a lawsuit, he shut the critics down. Good thing love sees no color!