All Me: Drake Took Over The Toronto Raptors And Twitter Thought It Was Awesome


When the Raptors first announced they’d be aligning with Drake and were even naming a night in his honor, I thought it’d be more gimmicky than Jackie Moon fighting the bear in the cult classic Semi-Pro movie. Seriously, it just didn’t make sense.

Yeah, he’s with Jordan Brand. And yes, he loves hanging out with NBA players when he’s allowed to. He’s even BFF’s with Bron-Bron, but #DrakeNight? Nah, never thought true NBA fans would buy into it.

But on Saturday, when the Raptors played host to the Brooklyn Nets, those X’s and O’s were replaced by OVO’s and the timeline went crazy. He started the night off with ill picks of custom suits, OVO owls all over the place, and enough basketball related fun to make Wheelchair Jimmy seem like a legit ambassador for the Raptors. Relive the awesome moment and check out the best tweets from #DrakeNight