Backstreet Boy Wants Heart-To-Heart With Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber’s admission into the Bad Boys Club has gained him an unlikely friend: Backstreet Boys’ own A.J. McLean. The singer says he’d like to have a heart-to-heart with the Biebs, according to a recent interview with People magazine.

The ’90s boy-bander has dealt with his past struggles of substance abuse and heavy scrutiny under the public eye, and is willing to help talk some sense to JB.

McLean plans to reach out to Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, to say: “See if I can reach out to Justin and see if we can have a sit-down, take him under my wing, and tell him what it was like for me at that age, and maybe see if he will actually hear me.”

The BSB member goes on to say that the Biebs’ circle of friends may also be a factor in his recent streak of worst behavior.

“Who knows who he’s surrounding himself with that are egging him on, no pun intended,” he said, referring to Bieber’s alleged egg assault on his neighbor’s crib. “One of the first things I would say is one of the tattoos that I have on me that says, ‘What are you doing? Are you trying to prove something to yourself? Are you trying to prove something to the press and the media? Are you trying to flip everyone the bird and say, ‘I can do what I want!’? Or are you trying to ask for help and you’re not going about it the right way? This could be a cry for help for all we know.”

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