Bey, Jay and Kim Kardashian Make An Appearance At The BCS Title Game… Sort Of


Auburn's play cards: Also have Jay Z and KK to go with W... on Twitpic

Last night’s BCS Championship game between Florida State and Auburn University had more drama than an episode of Love and Hip-Hop. Heisman winner, Jameis Winston led the Seminoles in the first true test of the season, mounting a comeback from an 18-point deficit. The BCS closed its 16 year run with gutsy fake punts, five scores in the fourth quarter and Beyonce?

Yup, the current queen of the charts’ face was featured on Auburn’s play cards, alongside hubby Jay Z, Kim Kardashian and even San Diego’s own, Rob Burgundy. While the Tigers did lose the game last night, 34-31, cementing the Seminoles place in undefeated teams’ history, you can’t knock their hustle when it comes to sideline trickery.

Photo Credit: @CJzero