9 Words Beyoncé Has Us Pronouncing Differently


If you’re like us, Yoncé is still all on your mouth like liquor…Meaning you’re still listening to her latest album. You’ve futilely attempted the choreography and memorized the lyrics—maybe even performed them on Vine. One thing we’ve learned in the process? We’ve been pronouncing a bunch of words wrong this whole time. Enunciation. Here, the proper way to say the following, according to Bey. Fingers – Fangas “Why can’t I keep my fangas off it?” (“Drunk in Love”) Fatty – Fattay / Daddy – dadday Can’t keep your eyes off my fatty/Dadday, I want you” (“Drunk in Love”) Surfboard – Serfbort “I fill the tub up halfway then ride it with my serfbort/Serfbort… serfbort” (“Drunk in Love”)

Post up – Powst up “You wake up, flawless/Powst up, flawless” (“Flawless”) F#$k – Fuh “Oh he so horny and he want to fuh” (“Partition”) Watermelon – Wowtamelon “I been drankin’/Wowtamelon” (“Drunk in Love”) Liquor – Licka “I get filthy when that licka get into me” (“Drunk in Love”) Baby – Bay-buh “We woke up in the kitchen sayin’ how the hell did this shit happen? Oh bay-buh” (“Drunk in Love”)