Beyonce Tackles ‘Gender Equality Myth’ with Essay


Beyonce writes for Shriver's Report

Beyonce’s take on feminist issues in recent years is not only reflected in her music, but her words outside the booth as well. This time, Bey lends her dose of girl power to Maria Shriver’s “The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back From The Brink,” a collection of writings that aim to “modernize” and bring women’s issues to the American forefront.

Beyonce is just one of the many famous names included in this media initiative; others are Jada Pinkett Smith, Hilary Clinton, Lebron James and Sheryl Sandberg.

For her “Gender Equality Is A Myth!” piece, the “Flawless” singer charges American men with the task of demanding that their “wives, daughters, mothers and sisters earn more” and that we demand 100% of the opportunities that our male counterparts receive.

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Photo Credit: WireImage