Blue Ivy Shut Down A Zoo For Her Birthday?


Blue Ivy is already shutting down zoos at the ripe age of 2. According to TMZ, Jay Z and Beyoncé rented out an entire theme park for the heir to their throne on her 2nd birthday.

Music’s First Couple reportedly shut down all of Jungle Island, a wildlife park and botanical garden located in Miami, Tuesday (Jan. 7) so Blue could wild out with orangutans, kangaroos and penguins.

No word on just how much this cost Mr. and Mrs. Carter but we do know that a VIP safari tour for only one person is $240 and general admission for adults is $35 a piece. Now, considering the park has to make up for the loss of closing down the park to the entire public, we can only imagine exactly how much bread Jay and Bey forwarded to the park.

Following their quality time at the park, the family was said to have enjoyed a classic meal of pizza and salad at Joey’s restaurant in MIA.

The “Drunk In Love” duo must have a thing for theme parks. For Yonce’s “XO” visual off her recently released self-titled LP, she made waves at Coney Island in New York last summer.

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