Brandy Calls Her Engagement ‘Spontaneous’



Singer Brandy is saying that her proposal was a “spontaneous thing.” The singer and her fiancee Ryan Press got engaged last year after dating since New Year’s Eve in 2011. “It was a spontaneous thing for my fiancé,” she said before ringing in the New Year at LAVO Las Vegas “He just felt it.” Brandy did say earlier this year that she let her then-boyfriend know that she would “marry him with a bubble gum ring.” That is far from what she received! Brandy was sporting her new bling and says that she was impressed by what she received. “He worked really hard on the ring. I’m not a big diamond girl, but I really love this diamond he did,” she said. “It just represents how he feels about me, and I’m really blessed to have someone like him in my life. He’s truly a gift.”

Photo Credit: Getty

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