Interview: Meet Bryant Jennings, Boxing’s Next Great Heavyweight


When Bryant Jennings walked into the world of boxing at age 24, he did so with a stellar athletic background as a clean slate of fury waiting to be molded. He had no bad habits to break, only opponents to dismantle. The now 29-year-old heavyweight fighter from Philly is currently 17-0, having won nine of his fights by knockout. He professes to not know pressure, only exuding confidence when talking about his next challenge.

Bryant will take on Polish fighter, Artur Szpilka in his first HBO Boxing After Dark bout tomorrow night in the undercard match up to Mikey Garcia vs. Juan Carlos Burgos title match, at Madison Square Garden. The longer you speak to Bryant, the more you believe he’s the next great heavyweight his sport desperately needs. And why is that?

“I’ve got all the attributes,” Jennings said. “I’m talented, skilled, marketable. All you need rolled into one and my drive and will is like none other. I just consider myself number one.”

At 17-0, it’s hard to bet against him, even if he started boxing later than most. I wouldn’t compare him to any greats in terms of wins or technique just yet. But he’s certainly got the talk part down.

“Even though this is the fight game, I’ve experience more outside the ring,” Jennings said. “Inside the ring is a no brainer. The harder part is accomplishing things outside the ring. I’ve heard so many greats in different professions like acting or basketball or football say being on screen or on the field is the easy part. It’s what you make happen out of your field that makes you great.”

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