Bugatti Releases $84,000 Belt Buckle


This is an $84,000 belt buckle. When you fall asleep in it, you can rightfully claim that you woke up in a new Bugatti….belt buckle.

Designed by the “mechanical luxury” specialist Roland Iten, the Bugatti buckle comes in three sizes and can be customized for an additional fee. It features a solid white and rose gold finish, and just 44 of these are being made available to purchase. But why is it damn near 85 grand?

Internally, the belt buckle houses 100 lightweight titanium and stainless steel components handcrafted by master watchmakers in Geneva. It’s the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and the cozy thought that you’re rich enough to buy a belt buckle like this that you’re paying for. See more pictures below. — Max Weinstein

bugatti 1

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