Cali Swag District Wants To Give President Barack Obama A Dougie Lesson


President Barack Obama proved to his wife, Michelle, and all in attendance for her 50th birthday dance party that he can bust a move. The Commander-in-Chief hit his Dougie, the dance popularized by rap trio Cali Swag District with their 2010 hit “Teach Me How To Dougie.”

Now, the Inglewood boys are inviting B.O. to one of their BBQs (which, I assume, they have very often) to get their dougie on together.

According to TMZ, the group thinks they can teach the Prez a thing or two about dougie-ing. “It just took us to a new level … political, upper class level,” they told the gossip site.

But why get dance lessons at a BBQ? Yung from C.S.D. says, “Black people love BBQ!”

Stoke up the nostalgia with their viral dance track below.