The Cast Of Single Ladies Share Their Thoughts On One-Night Stands


VH1’s scripted television series Single Ladies surrounds a group of three successful women who all reside in Atlanta and face all types of relationship problems. From cheating spouses to being caught up in love triangles, these ladies surely make being in a relationship seem overrated. With their being wined and dined by sexy bachelors from all around the world, these three women become the envy of most other women.

VIBE sat down with the cast of Single Ladies and asked them their views on one-night stands, and if they’ve ever partaken in those kind of “festivities.”

“Be protected, know what you’re getting yourself into, but we live this life only one time,” says Damien Dante Wayans. “And if you feel the urge to jump in the sack well, have a good ol’ time.”

Single Ladies airs Monday nights on VH1.