Check Out Blue Ivy’s Pimped Out Rides


Blue Ivy might be two, but Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby girl rides around in style. When she’s not taking a private jet between cities on one of her parents’ tours, Blue Ivy is driving herself around in one of two cars.

Beyonce shared a picture on tumblr of Blue’s power wheels, which include a pink Cadillac Escalade and blue convertible called the Baby Slab. “Slab” stands for “Slow Low And Bangin’,” and is slang for a pimped out ride. The Boombox notes that Houston rapper Lil Keke helped turn the phrase into an acronym in the late ’90s with his H-Town anthem “Southside.

Blue Ivy just turned two. Beyonce has been giving fans a glimpse into her family life through pictures and, most recently, a track titled “Blue” on her new self-titled visual album.