Chiara de Blasio Talks Becoming NYC’s First Daughter with Teen Vogue [Photos]



They may not be the White House, but NYC mayor Bill de Blasio and his multicultural family are making headlines everywhere. This month, his 19-year old daughter Chiara is showing off her unique style and story for Teen Vogue. Dressed in a floral dress, tan boots and signature natural locks, the college student dishes on what drove her to shed light on her struggles with drug and alcohol (see the YouTube PSA here).

“My parents always stressed communication as a really important part of any relationship. When I was younger, I didn’t want to tell them everything—I have my teenage secrets—but they taught me that honesty is the best policy in any situation.”

Today, the environmental studies major says she is inspired by her parent’s public service and now advocates for various issues on her own including homelessness and LGBT rights.

“Seeing my parents be public servants has definitely given me this drive to help fix the planet. I definitely want to be an activist for all the issues I find righteous,” she says.

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Photo Credit: TEEN VOGUE