China Finally Lifts Lady Gaga Ban


Lady gaga album cover

China proved they aren’t tolerable of Lady Gaga’s creative expression when they blacklisted her music in 2011. Their Culture Ministry felt her work created “confusion in the order of the online music market, and damaging the nation’s cultural security”.

This year, they lifted that ban and have allowed her album, with restricted cover art, to be sold in the country again. The new cover enlarged the ball to cover more of her upper body and put black stockings to cover her legs. They’ve also altered the name to her track “Sexxx Dreams” to “X Dreams”. Neither limited art work or track alteration has dampened her excitement over the permit. She tweeted, “I’m so excited!!!! The Chinese Government Approved ARTPOP to be released in China with all 15 songs! Next I hope I can come to perform!”

Gif Credit: BuzzFeed