Coone Makes A Dramatic Entrance With New Video ‘Drowning’


The Belgian triple threat artist (producer/musician/DJ), Coone takes his first plunge into American waters with a dark new video for ‘Drowning’ featuring Substance One.

‘Drowning’ was taken from Coone’s recently released album on Dim Mak Records Global Dedication and with the full backing from the likes of Steve Aoki is “poised to show the world what hardstyle is all about” (via MTV Iggy). With nearly ten years’ experience under his belt, Coone diversifies hardstyle with plush vocals, really tapping into the emotional context of the track.

The Andrew Pearce-directed video delves into the tortured mind of a suicidal woman before she is saved from herself. With imagery of being trapped under water, running to freedom and being engulfed by smoke, a powerful visual worth watching.

Check out the eerie video for ‘Drowning’ below.