Could Gerard Butler Be Cast To Star In ‘Point Break’ Reboot?

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After playing real-life watch-rider Frosty Hesson in 2012’s Chasing Mavericks, could Gerard Butler be a part of the rebooted cult crime-actioner Point Break film?

The Hollywood Reporter is following up with the news of the Olympus Has Fallen sequel with word that Butler could take over the late Patrick Swayze’s central part of Bodhi.

For those who weren’t alive when this film was out in theaters, Bodhi is part zen, part diabolical leader of an organized crime ring that is responsible for several daring robberies. According to cinematographer Ericson Core, who has signed on to be the director, the plot elements will remain the same. There will be a focus on new extreme sports, since at the time of the original film that was just making waves.

In the 1991 film, Keanu Reeves originally filled the FBI agent Johnny Utah role, but so far there’s no word yet on who will take it in the rebirth film.

We shall keep you posted as more news develops.

Props: The Hollywood Reporter