Daft Punk Sample For ‘One More Time’ Was Approved


Though die hards may argue it was “Homework,” there is no doubt that Daft Punk’s mainstream hit was (and will forever be) “One More Time.” The catchy loop, the repetitive chorus, the fantasy-based youth – the track is a pleasure point for both human visionary and acoustic senses. It’s the song that first got Pharrell hooked on the French production duo.

Now the DP hit is being called falsely into question for its originality as a short video demonstrates on YouTube. Posted by Sadowick Productions, the content shows Daft Punk sampled Eddie John’s “More Spell On You,”. Rumors that this sample was used without accreditation are false. While there is a sample of Eddy Jones ‘I Put a Spell on You’ in ‘One More Time,’ it was officially cleared.