DJ Spotlight: Chooky Returns To DC Roots For New Podcast


Capitol Hill has been a focal spot for many things: The White House, The Wire, House of Cards, and perhaps now Chooky (aka Chas Derr) can be added to that list. The DC-area native has returned to the Chooky moniker after some time away working on production for various high profile pop and hip-hop artists so that he can blow the roof off of the EDM estate. His first step in doing so: his newest bi-monthly podcast that smashes any regard for genres, ‘The Chronicles Of ChooKy.’ Get the inside dish on what the Moombahton producer has to offer:

VIBE: It’s exciting to hear you are working with guys like Tittsworth and David Heartbreak. What is the most important personality trait you like to see in someone you are working with in the studio?
Chooky: Yes, I am so excited to be working with these cats! For me, a great attitude is really important. When working through a song with someone, the energy and vibe in a room can really effect how I personally work. Naturally connecting with another producer/artist is the greatest feeling and I think it really shows in the music. I also believe having an open mind is an important trait. Music has gradually become something that everyone can make, by themselves on their computer, and that has really tarnished the artistry of collaborating. That’s what music should be all about

What is the essential folcrum point that pushes you to shift your attention from one project to the next?
Hearing new sounds, styles and/or songs like nothing before can usually inspire me to shift gears. The first time I heard dubstep or electro, I was so intrigued I had to figure out the “how to” behind all of the sound design. Then with moombahton, the latin rhythms mixed with Dutch house seemed so natural to me – I needed to produce it. Now a days, with so many subgenres and artists, I am always pulling reference or influence from someone (or something), somewhere.

If this podcast could be compared to any podcast out there, which would be the most flattering for you to hear?
Honestly, I don’t think there is another podcast out there like “The Chronicles of ChooKy,” only because it cycles through so many different genres while featuring lots of artists people haven’t heard of yet. I always want the audience to hear something new or discover a new artist when they listen.

Aside from actively listening to the podcast, what is the best activity to be doing while enjoying your mix?
The podcast starts with a bang, cools down, and then picks right back up again so working out is probably a great activity. A lot of the tunes aren’t just for the club either, so it’s a good mix for driving from place to place or rocking out at your office during break.

If this podcast is any indication of what is in store for Chooky, the future looks very promising.

Photo credit: Reverbnation