DJ Spotlight: Savoy Discloses New Album And Tour Details


When one first hears Savoy, it’s like nothing they’ve ever encountered before since the trio sports one of the most unique sounds in the EDM genre. A mixture of tempos, melodies and breaks, the Savoy crew always keeps you guessing and fully entertained thanks to combination of electronica synths and classic instrumentation. Now they bring their one-of-a-kind beats to the nation with a cross country tour from now through February to promote their new album Self Predator. In between such a hectic schedule, Gray Smith, Ben Eberdt and Mike Kelly are able to sit down with VIBE to give the details on what one can expect from their live show, and the inspiration behind their latest album.

VIBE: I understand you guys met while in college at Boulder, CO. What was the attraction that drew you three together? Were you in the same class? Same dorm?
Savoy: We all lived in the same dorm and loved music so we got together and started jamming. Go buffs!

Are you all now Bronco fans as well? Are you psyched that they’re going to the Super Bowl this year?
We all like different teams, but definitely rooting for the Broncos.

You guys have already started your nationwide tour in Dallas on Thursday (January 16). What can fans expect to see from your shows this year?
Brand new stage setup, brand new material, brand new lasers. We are always tweaking our shows to help create the best experience possible.

You’ve said that your favorite part about touring is seeing the fan’s reactions in each city. Which city has…
…The greatest energy? Were about to find out. We like to pit cities against each other.
…The hottest girls? See above answer
…The most fans? Denver

Tell us a little bit about your new album, Self Predator. How has it changed from your music from the past year? How does the title represent the album?
The album was named in memory of our studio dog who recently passed away. Our style is always maturing and growing but for this album we went with a more stylistic and rhythmic approach. We also explored a lot of different tempos and tried not to constrain ourselves to any genre.

You’re also giving away this album as a free download on your site and Facebook page, which is something you do with every album. What brought on this act of generosity?
We want the most amount of people to be able to access our music and share freely amongst their peeps.

All of cover art (past and present) sports some very interesting creatures. If each of you could be a mythical animal, which would it be and why?
Ben – Pegasus, Gray – Golem, Mike – the kid from ‘Problem Child’