Drake Puts Up Two ‘SNL’ Tickets For Charity


If you haven’t seen Drake’s Saturday Night Live promos for the Jan. 18 show, now’s a good time. The former Degrassi actor is holding down double duty as host and music guest for SNL’s 2014 season premiere this weekend and is also giving two fans the chance to be in the audience.

The Toronto rapper has donated two tickets to the shooting of this Saturday’s show to Charity Buzz for a noble cause. All of the proceeds will go the Dominic M. Aguilar Special Needs Trust, a campaign in honor of a one year old boy who was born with an inability to suck or swallow due to a rare brain abnormality.

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The auction has reached bids of more than $3,000 and is open until 3 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 16. The top bidder will attend the SNL premiere and see Drizzy Drake (or even wheelchair Jimmy!) return to his acting roots.

In other Aubrey bidding news, his exclusive OVO Jordans are also on eBay and has already reached bids as high as $100,000.