Eddie Murphy Threatens Lawsuit Against Comedian Claiming To Be His Son


Eddie Murphy’s personal business is no laughing matter. After comedian Brando Murphy made claims that Eddie is his father, the actor/ funny man could possibly sue him for millions.

According to TMZ, Eddie’s lawyer Marty Singer wrote up a letter, detailing Brandon’s shoddy activity, including changing his last name, performing with Richard Pryor’s son Mason in the Sons of Comedy tour and showing up to Eddie’s regular coffee spots, screaming “My father won’t talk to me!”

The 27-year-old fired back with his own threatening note to Eddie, calling his accusations “vile, base, contemptible, miserable, wretched and loathsome.” Brando has also threatened to sue him for defamation if he continues his “campaign of intimidation.”

Does Brando’s comedian chops even add up to Eddie’s? See one of his acts below.

Photo Credit: Getty