Exclusive: R&B Songstress Kathy Brown Talks EDM Favorites, Shares “Somebody To Love” Remix Stream


Legendary Gospel and R&B songstress Kathy Brown is reviving a classic track from her catalog with linchpin drum and bass duo Artificial Intelligence. “Somebody To Love,” the tune Brown penned with Asha Keys 17 years ago, will be re-released as new remix package with AI’s delectable DnB twist at its forefront via Music Gateway on February 2. We sat Kathy Brown down for a head-to-head chat about some of her new and old-school DJ favorites.

Check it out below after tour exclusive stream of this “Somebody To Love” remix by Copy Paste Soul.

VIBE: How did Artificial Intelligence first approach you 17 years after “Somebody To Love?”
Kathy Brown: Actually this is quite a story, I was approached by Jon Skinner the owner of a new music industry platform called Music Gateway, who are of course, now the record label who signed the record. Jon introduced me to the site in its infancy. The site connects like-minded professionals around the globe in a targeted way. “Somebody To Love” was one of the very first projects put through the site and without it, the song would probably still be a hidden gem and never released.

Not only did I get connected to Glenn & Zula (AI), the site put together 5 session musicians to record the live elements of the track. The drummer used was Darrin Mooney from Primal Scream and on percussion was Patrick Dawes from Groove Armada. Jon saw the potential in my song and the whole project came together, so a big thanks to the team at Music Gateway.

Coming from an R&B/dance music background, DnB has always been very niche. How’d you get tight with J Majik?
We were introduced through my management and Trenton Harrison who handled affairs for other D&B artists. It was good collaboration and worked out well in the end with the finished recording.

Which DJ do you fancy most in drum and bass right now?
Mmmm… Has to be DJ Goldie!

Can you DJ?
I play just a little, but I prefer to leave the DJ’ing to the guys and get on the mic. Performing is what I love most, engaging with the audience, it’s so rewarding.

What’s on tap for you this year?
I have a new track called ‘Stay’ and another new one called ‘Something About You,’ which are all dropping this year. I never stop writing, so there may be more for sure.

Do you think the popularity of EDM will last?
Yes 100%! EDM and all forms of dance music are here to stay and influence pop culture. The niche styles may come and go, but as most people know that all musical styles go round in cycles, each genre having its peak period, its hay day if you like, and EDM is having its hay day at the moment.

Who are you betting on at this year’s Grammy Awards?
David Morales, David Guetta & Frankie Knuckles are my top three. Are they all nominated?!