Facebook Will Lose 80% Of Its Users, New Study Says


Mark Zuckerberg’s baby might be following in the same e-steps as MySpace.

According to a study by researchers at Princeton University, the popular social network Facebook might experience a substantial decrease in users by 2017, after collected data revealed that the social site’s “search queries saw a decline in 2013,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

The researchers applied a model used to track the spread of viral diseases and Google’s Trends to identify Facebook’s “life span.” What they project is that the Zuck’s co-creation will lose 20 percent of its consumers by December, then 60 percent spanning 2015 to 2017, identifying its waning popularity amongst teenagers.

Other reports combat that of the researchers’ findings, stating that F.B. saw a significant increase in users since its inception in 2004.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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