Forgot to Wash Off Your Makeup Again? Try These Morning After Tips


No shocker here: Sleeping in makeup can set the scene for breakouts and congested pores with oily skin. 
Step 1: Make Acids Your Friend
Remove your eye makeup, then wash with a salicylic-acid or glycolic-acid cleanser to get rid of surface oil.
Step 2: Grab a Power Tool
Exfoliation prevents clogs and zits. A motorized microdermabrasion kit uses tiny crystals and a moving head to buff dead cells.
Step 3: Go Deeper
Unclog pores with a purifying clay mask—it’s less drying than mud and draws out impurities.
Step 4: Hydrate 
A salicylic-acid-spiked moisturizer lightly hydrates while simultaneously gently clearing pores.
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