Free Coachella Inspired Playlists From WallflowerFood


The crew from WallflowerFood is amped about the influx of indie dance acts announced for the Coachella lineup this year, and the kids out of southern Cali have been putting out releases and playlists all week to show it.

From the folks at WallflowerFood:

“We really can’t even begin to describe how excited we are that our flavor of dance music is starting to reach the masses, but just because we promote our own take on dance music, doesn’t mean that we don’t love other genres too. So we’re offering three ‘Coachella’ inspired playlists for the fans out there who love this diverse world of music as much as we do.”

Discoachella, Indiechella, and Remixoachella contain more than 100 tracks and over 7 hours of tunes to last you through the winter months. Head over to their website to check them out. Tons of the tunes are included as free downloads as well.

The WallflowerFood crew also released their second compilation of original productions on Monday titled ‘Coastal Ambitions,’ following their theme of all things beach and summer.

'Coastal Ambitions'

Dilemmachine, TonyTone, Shoe Scene Symphony, 2ToneDisco, and 4mplify make up their roster of producers from Cali to Belgium, and the production quality is really top notch. Snag a listen and free download, and grab exclusive singles here at with Dilemmachine’s SSR Eyes and 4mplify’s French Feeling, two of our favorites.