‘Fruitvale Station’ Director Ryan Coogler And Star Michael B. Jordan Discuss The Film’s Unexpected Success


Fruitvale Station hit close to home for audiences around the world. The film, which tells the story of a young Oakland man named Oscar Grant who was shot dead by a transit cop in 2009, has already snagged nods from the NAACP Image Awards, potentially the Oscars and a ton of global praise that neither director Ryan Coogler nor lead actor Michael B. Jordan expected.

“To be honest, it wasn’t until it was screening for an audience that it resonated, but I definitely knew that everyone [working on the film] was putting in phenomenal work every,” Coogler tells VIBE.

Jordan added, “You never know how long the run [of a film’s success] is gonna be, how far the reach is gonna have, so the fact that it took us internationally, different walks of life, different languages and still being able to connect through the story of a human being, it speaks volumes of the project and all the work that we put in.”

Fruitvale Station hits DVD and Blu-ray today (Jan. 14). Watch the full interview below.

Video Edited By: Brandon Burnett