Gabrielle Union Dishes On Relationship Warning Signs


Gabrielle Union is no stranger to relationship drama. In a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, the Being Mary Jane star discussed the warnings signs of a failed relationship. With the premiere of her new series airing tomorrow evening (Jan. 7) on BET, Union was asked about knowing when to let go, an issue that her character, Mary Jane, faces in the pilot episode.

“If the relationship starts to feel like a job could be a sign,” she said. “A lot of times as women, we look at men as a carton of milk and we see the expiration date come and gone. It’s spoiled and now it’s curdled and it’s damn near blue cheese and we’re still like, ‘No I can’t put it on my cereal, it’s still good’, I’ll just stir it around and add some water.’ It’s done. Throw it away. It’s gonna make you sick. We just have to recognize the obvious, obvious signs.”

Ironically, soon after the interview was conducted, Union and her fiancé/ Miami Heat forward Dwyane Wade confirmed having a child outside of their relationship while the two were on a break. However, the questions still loom: did Gabrielle see the warning signs? Is Wade a carton of sour milk?

No spoils seem to be here as the two are still “continue to move forward,” according to D-Wade which complements the words Union lives by: “Bad things happen to people every day, your pains not unique. Now what?” — Samantha Kennedy