Hip-Hop At Harvard With Nas (Video)


Some time ago, Harvard announced that it would begin a fellowship program built around hip-hop and backed by Nas. Now we get a closer look at how the program works in classrooms by talking to participants, like Boston rapper Akrobatik, who helps instruct, and scholars such as Henry Louis Gates.

Escobar himself appears in the video, explaining that, “Lotta people would think, “Ah, it’s just the music, it’s too vulgar.’ But that music represents the world, that music represents our youth. So when you don’t pay attention to it, you’re kind of missing out on the youth. The same youth that you want to protect, you need to understand them by understanding the music they listen to.”

It’s incredible (for some) to watch hip-hop make the transition from the streets to mainstream culture and now into educational institutions. Watch the video to hear how the hip-hop fellowship is approaching the art of rap and what it aims to each the youth that take part. — Max Weinstein