Hip Hop Professional Shanti Das Talks New Book, Being A Boss And Changing The Game In A Male Dominated Industry


Qream Liquer LaunchBut someone CAN take your spot…

I wrote a chapter on that in the book. You have to be mindful of your surroundings, but don’t get caught up in it so much. Do you, be secure with who you are. If you’re really strong at what you do and you’re getting the job done, then let your work speak for itself. And don’t worry about anybody else. I for one, if you spend all this time establishing a rapport and great relationships with people outside of your company, then you shouldn’t be in fear of losing that relationship. It’s okay to pass that contact along.

What do you expect young women to walk away with from reading your story?

I hope that young women, particularly this generation, understand the importance of working hard and not expecting everything. I think sometimes, millennials have this sense of entitlement and they feel like they DESERVE a certain spot. And with the overnight success and sensations that you see on YouTube, or certain shows, hats off to those people but that’s not reality. Reality is that you still have to work hard, you still have to get in there and carve out a space position for yourself. Interning is still important. Sometimes you gotta work for months or a couple of years before you can figure it out. But I don’t want this generation afraid of working hard, and perseverance. Stick to your goals, you may have to take a job in another industry on the side, but work for what you want.